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Wimbledon Congregational Church



The main building is multi-purpose but there is a prayer room which is a quiet place

There is a garden

As the church does not use pesticides wildlife is never threatened

The church was built in 1957 and very much represents the architecture of that era


The well-known Congregational Historian Dr Alan Argent was minister from 1988-2009

Up to 1957 Wimbledon Congregational Church met in the hall now rented by Building Blocks Nursery. The hall was known as the Memorial Hall. The new church building opened in 1957. It is a typical building of that era admired by members of the 20th century society

We have church meeting books detailing plans for the new building. In 1953 the church received a gift of £5000 from the sale of Merton Congregational Church. The first set of plans were refused by Wimbledon District Council. Therefore, the deacons visited a church in Bromley which was like what they planned to build. In the 1957-minute book it says they wanted the church to be a multipurpose building with a cross on the wall. The pulpit and seating must be modern. The minutes said we must be prepared to experiment and adapt ourselves to the changes taking place but the ultimate objectives and ideals for which we stand must remain unchanged. At the church meeting in May 1955 it was agreed the new church building would be built. In 1956 drawings were put in the hall so everybody could see them. It was estimated the new church would cost £8008 to build plus £310 for 200 chairs. Because of lack of money in January 1957 people wondered whether to go ahead with the new building. The opening hymn at the meeting was The Church’s One Foundation Its Jesus Christ the Lord. After singing this various members promised money. The new building contract was signed on 1st February 1957 and work started. The foundation stone was laid on 6th April 1957. This was advertised in the Borough News. Girls from the Sunday school presented bouquets. Before the church was officially opened it was decided to paint the roof blue. The Sunday school gave a gift of £10 for a new organ stool. Furniture for the new church was ordered from the catalogue of Harper Wycombe Ltd; this included chairs, a communion table and chairs to match the communion table. At the same time copies of Congregational Praise were ordered for the church.

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